2020 International A Class Australian Championship

Welcome to the 2020 International A Class Australian Championship

The 2020 International A Class Australian Championship will be hosted by the South Australian Radio Yachting Association in conjunction with the South Australian Radio Yacht Club at the clubs venue at Tiranna Way, West Lakes 26 - 27 February 2020. 

Tiranna Way, West Lakes

\images\DSC_5533AWest Lakes is a suburb of Adelaide, South Australia and is located approx 13km NW of the capital city and approx 10km from Adelaide Airport. West Lakes was originally built on a tidal swamp way back in the 1970's (when we were all just kids - well some of us anyway!), it is probably best known for being the home of Football Park, later known as AAMI Stadium and the mecca for AFL football in the state. 

Situated near the coast of the Gulf of St. Vincent the venue regularly receives coastal breezes and with the expansive water space makes it an ideal venue for the 2020 championship.

International A Class

The A class is a beautiful boat, although lacking the performance of other classes these boats they have a certain elegance as they move through the water. Reflecting similar characteristics of full sizes yachts, the A class is a delight to watch.

The class was given Classic Class status in 2004. Fleets of A Class are largely limited to England and Australia, although of recent times there have been a number of boats built in Germany and Switzerland. Due to the large size of the boats, an International racing circuit has not developed, and the A Class are sailed mostly as club boats. In Australia, the A Class is sailed mostly in Western Australia, NSW, Tasmania, Queensland  and South Australia.