Austin Lakes

\images\austinlakes (2)Austin Lakes was the chosen venue for the 2015 ARYA Australian Championships for IOM, 10R & A Class. As a sailing venue, the lake provides many great features.

Parking is available in marked bays on the streets as well as in the Adventurescape playground.  It is just a short walk to grassed rigging areas.

Launching is off a paved footpath, so you won’t need to get your feet wet. There are three shelters around the lake – one at the northern end, one in the west and another at the southern end. These shelters provide the location for Race Management – scorers, fleet boards and the like.

The control area extends around half of the lake, allowing courses to be set for any wind direction. The lake is approximately 110 metres across and 130 metres wide.

Winds in March are expected to still be in the summer sea-breeze pattern, which usually involves an easterly wind in the morning, followed by a sea breeze in the afternoon. The timing of the crossover varies depending on the strength of the easterly. A strong easterly can hold out the sea breeze, but a weak easterly usually means the sea breeze will blow.